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Success Stories

Doriís Success Story
Who would have ever thought that hypnosis could
make you lose weight? Not me! After having tried
so many other diet attempts at losing weight, I
thought Iíd at least give it a try. I went in
with an open mind knowing I had to lose weight
and now, Iím a believer.

In the first three months, I lost 33 pounds. I
started the program in the summer of 2007. As
of this writing, nine months later, I have
lost 73 pounds!

Iíve had so many coworkers and friends notice the
weight loss. I love to see the reactions when I tell
them I used this system to do it. Other people not
only visibly see the drop in weight, but also see
that Iím happier and feel better about myself. Since seeing the results, I know of many others who
have signed on to use the Lifestyle Weight Management Hypnosis Program.

I cannot say enough about this. Itís just so simple! Getting your mind focused and on the right
track is easy. I listen to the CDs, but do little exercise Ė short walks occasionally. I eat
much less than I used to. I recognize and stop when I get full while eating. I no longer snack.
In fact, I have no desire to do that anymore, and believe me, cookies, candies, and treats used
to be a part of my diet all the time. Not anymore. I know this is a life-long change. The audio
programs can be used anytime to keep my mind focused on that.

I love my results and the success. For the first time in a long time, Iím excited about my weight
loss and proud of my accomplishment. I could go on and on about this program. It is informative
and researched. It will change your life and habits, and teach you how to implement new
behaviors to make that happen.

I want to personally thank Lifestyle Weight Management Hypnosis for making it so easy and giving
me back confidence with controlling my weight. of course I have much more energy now.
In a sense, I've "gotten my life back" - I'm much happier and it reflects in all I do.